Country Rose Associates
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How We Can Help You, the Lender:

  • We have the "know how"

  • We can help you establish TAX FREE retirement income

  • We have the contacts to open Self Directed IRA Accounts that permit you to make high yield loans secured by real estate

  • We have several low risk, high return programs to suit:

    • For those with IRA funds, we can assist in setting up a "Self Directed Individual Retirement Account" that will allow your IRA to lend funds for our deals

    • For those with Roth IRA Accounts

    • For those with personal or family cash available for investment

    • For those with company funds available for investment

  • We have the deals - Safe, Secure Real Estate - most with excellent locations, near schools, shopping and employment centers

  • We borrow for renovated and un-renovated properties

  • We'll answer all your questions to your satisfaction before we do business together

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Country Rose Associates
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